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David Buckle

Managing Director and co-founder M247 Limited

Based in Manchester, England, Mr David Buckle (58) is Managing Director and co-founder of M247 Limited, a state-of-the-art and fast growing data centre providing a wide variety of internet services and connectivity.

David, who was previously a Marine Director with Leigh’s Paints, travelled the world developing his business acumen but was eventually made redundant in the down-turn. In 2003 he invested his severance package in his son Jonathan’s talented computer skills. It was a potent combination with David providing the business know-how and his son providing the technical ability. Soon afterwards they were joined by Chris Byrd who is technical director and the winning team was up and running.

Now, just over seven years on, they have grown from a small “grass roots” company to an organisation ranked recently by Deloitte as one of Europe’s fastest growing I.T. companies with infrastructure and operations in Manchester, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels, Prague and Paris. M247 Limited was recently valued at almost £13million and now handles a significant percentage of the entire UK internet traffic.

David says “we have grown by acquiring a number of complementary companies that have extended our services and range. We have also had offers from a number of companies who would like to buy us but M247 Limited and each of its Divisions are a young team and my son is surrounded by an equally young board of directors that have a bright future. Our strength is in our team, everybody is encouraged to contribute ideas which enables the business to continue growing. We really enjoy what we’re doing.”

David also plays an important role in his local community and is an enthusiastic Governor of his local college.