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Francisco Cabrera

Minister of Economic Development Argentina

Mr. Francisco Cabrera graduated as an Electronics engineer in Mendoza National University. He underwent further training in economics and management at Eseade, Argentine Business and Economics University. He was CEO of La Nación, Argentina's main broad-sheet newspaper, for the last four years, and prior to that was CEO of Maxima AFJP, the pension fund administration business of HSBC in Argentina. He also was Director of other firms of the HSBC group in Argentina such as La Buenos Aires Seguros and Docthos. Spent most of his business career in Roberts Bank later acquired by HSBC.


As Minister his challenge is to increase Buenos Aires City economic development, and expand the economic activity in order to increase foreign investment in the city.


Currently Cabrera also serves as the chief of the technical equipment of the PRO political party.


Francisco Cabrera was born 1955. Married and has three daughters.