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Mok Lee Chew

Assistant Chief Executive, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, SPRING

 Ms Chew Mok Lee is the Assistant Chief Executive in charge of Entrepreneurship & Innovation in   SPRING Singapore. a government agency spearheading enterprise development.  SPRING is also the national Standards body in Singapore. 

Prior to SPRING, Ms Chew was with the National Productivity Board and subsequently, PSB.  Ms Chew oversees the area of fostering entrepreneurship and broad-based assistance for local enterprises.    She graduated from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Economics and Statistics.  She has a double Masters and is well versed in the area of enterprise promotion and development, having been involved in various aspects of capability development and support for local enterprises for 20 years.  Ms Chew has served the Action Community for Entrepreneurship as Secretariat since its inception on 23 May 2003 and is responsible for working with the Minister in Charge of Entrepreneurship and private sector members to foster entrepreneurship in Singapore.

Ms Chew is also the Director and CEO of SPRING SEEDS Capital Pte Ltd,  a subsidiary of SPRING which co-invest in potential start-ups. 

Ms Chew is married with 3 children, aged 21, 19 and 17, respectively.