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Thais Corral

President, Network of Human Development

Thais Corral’s global leadership journey has encompassed a spectrum of experiences which emerged from major changes that occurred within the late 20th century.   She was one of the leaders who actively participated at the Earth Summit in 1992. Together with American Congress representative, Bella Abzug and Nobel Award winner, Wangari Mathaai, she founded WEDO (Women, Environment and Development Organization). She is the founder and current director of two established and nationally recognized non-profit organizations in Brasil: Rede de Desenvolvimento Humano (REDEH) and Communication, Education on Adaptation(CEMINA).

As a social entrepreneur, Corral conceived and implemented a women’s radio network which links 400 women’s radio programs to their communities throughout Brasil. The project  received the Tech Awards from the Sillicon Valley in 2005 as being a social technology that benefits humanity.

Today, she coordinates the Adapta Sertão Project ( www.adaptasertao.net) which received a SEED Award ( www.seedint.org) in 2008 for its innovative contribution in sustainable development. Recently she founded SINAL, which stands for Syncronicity, Innovation and Joy, the vision is to contribute to the knowledge of how we, as humanity, can make our transition towards environmental sustainability.  SINAL is located outside of Rio de Janeiro, in the Valley of  Santo Antonio River.(http://facebook/ sinalvolunteering.

Corral holds a master degree from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and is a member of the World Future Council (www.worldfuturecouncil.org).