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Jorge Correa

Founder and CEO of Redsalvavidas.org

JORGE CORREA @jorgecorreat
 Business and Social Entrepreneur, with 13 years experience in the Internet, and Mobile industries, Jorge is a pioneer in the mobile applications development business in his country.
 Founder and CEO of RedSalvavidas.org an organization that protects people, families and communities with creativity, knowledge and technology. Jorge is an strategic business leader with the pasion and determination to create and massify mobile apps with global impact potencial.
 Co-Founder and CMO at nodrizza.com, a pioneer and colombian leader in the corporate mobile solutions market. From there, Jorge and his team seek opportunities to develop high impact projects that can generate economic and social value.
 Jorge is a family man, musician, sportsman and publicist with a creative approach, specialized on the strategic marketing arena. He constantly deepens on the study of areas related to mobile technology, entrepreneurship, start-ups, innovation, and corporate social responsibility.
 He loves to be public speaker and represent his organization, country and region with a mission to voice to the world: that technology can save lives!