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Michel Coster

Head of Entrepreneurship Centre, EMLYON Business School

Pr. Michel Coster is the head of EMLYON Incubator. Launched in June 2008, the EMLYON Incubator accompanies currently 31 companies (including 11 companies accompanied in the category “hopes”, all founded by students of the School).The Centre for Entrepreneurs - first generation Incubator - supported in 25 years the projects of more than 1000 entrepreneurs or business acquirers.

In addition to this role, Pr. Coster is also professor of entrepreneurship at EMLYON. He is in charge of training programs for entrepreneurs, training director for various programs. He is the founder and the head of the Entrepreneurship Specialized Master.

In 1987, he founded CCR Associés, a Consulting firm specialized in entrepreneurship in high tech environment. Most of missions were based on feasibility studies, strategic alliance operations and risk capital.

He is the author of two books, and wrote several book chapters and articles. He serves in the board of the Entrepreneurship Academy as Vice-President

He holds a Doctor of Advanced Studies in Company Law and a Doctor of Specialized Studies in Finance and Taxation from the University of Grenoble.