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Jacqueline Dongmo

General Manager Gracedom Invest Group

Cameroonian businesswoman aged 51, having studied law, Mrs. Jacqueline DONGMO have more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur after a brief stint of 2 years in the insurance industry . She is the head of a business group GRACEDOM INVEST which includes different signs with a great notoriety: Entreprise de Trnsport des Hydrocarbures (ETH), Jacqueline Dongmo Distribution Services (JDDS) and SANY Africam.
These enterprises cover areas including general trade, transportation (fuel, drinks), distribution, engineering (construction and equipment sales) representation. Her partners and customers are from companies and local operators to multinational corporations and large foreign firms.
To date, all of the activities emit an annual turnover of about CFAF 25 billion for a total investment of about FCFA 6 billion and a global workforce of 275 permanent employees.