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Aydin Ersoz

General Manager and Member of the Board, INNOVA IT Solution Inc.

Following graduation from Robert College in 1980, Mr. Ersoz received his BA in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Princeton University. After completing an MS at Stanford University in the same field, he began working in Silicone Valley in the US. Starting in 1988, Mr. Ersoz worked in various positions at IBM Turkey for 5 years, followed by 5 years at Info Otomasyon AS, a local SI, where he was General Manager for the last three years of his tenure. panies after 1993. Mr. Ersöz co-founded INNOVA IT Solutions Inc. in 1999. Following the acquisiton of Innova by Türk Telekom in 2007, Mr. Ersöz serves as co-CEO of the company and Member of the Board.