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Daniel Evans

Chief Innovation Officer EML, Executive Development

As Chief Innovation Officer at EML Executive Development, Dan is responsible for the development of innovative and efficient learning solutions for degree programs as well as tailor-made programs for companies around the world.


Dan holds a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in Economics. He started his academic career upon his arrival in France in 1993. He has since been Director of MBA programmes, Head of technology based learning activities and Dean of Executive Education.


Dan has been heavily involved in facilitating the emergence of value in the “fuzzy-front-end” of innovation – helping companies recognize entrepreneurial opportunities. His areas of specialisation include creative thinking, opportunity recognition, Intrapreneurship and leadership applied to services and high-technology sectors.

Aside from his managerial responsibilities, Dan facilitates various training programmes:


- Navigating the Corporate Intrapreneurial Maze


- Who is the Entrepreneurial Leader


- Building the Intrapreneurial Organization


- Creativity and Lateral Thinking


- Political Agility and Organisational Savvy for Intrapreneurs


- Evaluating Innovation Projects


- Opportunity Recognition, Evaluation and Transformation