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Steven Fang

Partner, Clearbridge Accelerator, and Deputy Chairman of Action Community for Entrepreneurship, Singapore

Dr. Fang founded CordLife Singapore in 2001, and negotiated the merger with Cytomatrix in 2003 which led to the establishment of CyGenics and its subsequent IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange on 18th June 2004. The CyGenics group was renamed as  CordLife in 2007 to focus on its core business in tissue banking, and diversified Cytomatrix through a new strategic equity partnership with Deakin University of Australia. With over 20 years of business development and managerial experience in the Asia Pacific region, Dr. Fang has accrued an immense depth of knowledge of the medical and healthcare industry. He previously worked for Sterling Winthrop, Baxter Inc and Becton Dickinson, where he undertook various Market Development and General Management responsibilities.

Dr. Fang also serve as the Deputy Chairman of the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), a national movement to foster Singapore into a creative and entrepreneurial nation. He is also the Co-Chairman for the Tech-Connect Task Force that serves to enable the national vision of encouraging more commercialization of public and private sector R&D as Singapore moves into higher value-added activities.

Dr. Fang holds a Degree in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Corporate Strategy with the University Of Hull (U.K.). He also holds a Doctorate in Business Administration with The University of South Australia in the area of Dynamic Capability Management of Biotechnology Enterprises. Dr. Fang is a recipient of the prestigious Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2003, and served as the institution's President and Chairman from 2005 to 2008.