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David Frood

Author of The Thinking Corporation

Mr. David Frood wrote The Thinking Corporation in 2007 after implementing change management in large corporations as an external consultant for the previous sixteen years. The book has since been translated into a corporate change program that directly addresses the capacity of an organization to innovate.

During his consulting career he worked with organizations such as Diageo, HP, Qantas, Commonwealth Bank, Reckitt Benckiser and Daikin Air-conditioning. During these consulting years David made a study out of the reasons why employees do not tell their employers ideas about new products, markets and improvements to process. He discovered that it came down to three main reasons:

1. Someone else in the organization might steal the idea
2. They would receive little or no compensation
3. Their job security could be at risk
All of these issues are addressed both within the book and by implementing the corporate change program.

After investigating the difficulties many entrepreneurs have with finding capital and trustworthy business relationships he has connected the needs of entrepreneurs with the strengths of big business and found the solution to developing a much easier route to market for entrepreneurs and inventors. The Thinking Corporation Change Program provides the changes in culture, policy and process for corporations to:
· Capture, process and implement employee generated ideas and
· Be the ultimate route to market for external entrepreneurs and inventors

Mr. David Frood is now the Chief Executive Officer of The Thinking Corporation, an organization that is devoted to bringing about significant change to corporate culture and behavior that is of benefit to the corporations, customers, employees, entrepreneurs, inventors and all of us. The program is delivered by the client’s consulting firm of choice after being accredited by The Thinking Corporation.