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John Gallagher

Chairman at Mediafed

An expat New Zealander born in 1960, John resides in East Sussex, UK along with his wife Shirley, also from Christchurch and their two children aged 6 and 10. Raised in Christchurch, he attended Christchurch Boys High School and represented New Zealand at Waterpolo between 1997 and 2008. His father was a small retailer, owner of Bazaar International in Cashel Street for 35 years.


John is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Following the successful establishment and sale of IT Direction, an IT service companies, John founded 'FootFall Ltd' in the early 90s, which developed the technology to tracking movement of pedestrians in retail environments. His company became international brand leaders and, as a result, the name became synonymous with counting people.


Changing the business model to an information model he raise £10m of Venture capital money in 2000 and lead a successful exit in December 2005, selling to Experian. By that time FootFall had received numerous business awards as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, both sales and profit, with a compound growth rate of over 60% between 2000 and 2005. FootFall, at the time of selling, sold into 24 countries with office in six countries and John was the chairman of each subsidiary.


John is a mentor for and sometimes an Investor in a number of companies in the UK, alongside his roles as a Chairman of Mediafed, Founder of The Christchurch fund and as an advisor to Spark Ventures, a UK Venture Capital Fund.


He is an investor in and has worked as an advisor to social transformational business in South Africa the Kuzuko Game Reserve (South Africa).


With his wife Shirley, John produced Earth Whisperers Papatuanuku, a successful New Zealand Environmental Movie


He sits on a UK co-operative committee that supports two community farms in the village of Forest Row. http://www.tablehurstandplawhatch.co.uk/index.html


Along with his brother, Kieran, John is an adviser and investor a fund focused on the regeneration of central Istanbul precincts: www.perapera.com.tr