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Peter Harrington

Founder and CEO SimVenture

Aged 23 and based in York, Peter left university in 1989 and setup his first business. This research and marketing agency grew through the nineties and he also found himself helping other entrepreneurs keen to start up. Meantime, he created other ventures in the design, print and consultancy industries.


During this period he was invited to speak in schools, colleges and universities about his entrepreneurial journey and experience. However, Peter quickly learnt that there were very few authentic and engaging resources available to teachers to help others learn about what it was like to start a new enterprise.


At the same time, the UK Labour government was seeking more business start-ups and better survival rates. Peter felt strongly that unless the training and education focus shifted away from traditional didactic methods and more towards the student’s mindset and preferred style of learning, nothing would really change. As such, Peter co-funded a Research & Development project to look at developing business simulation software so budding entrepreneurs could create a virtual company, make decisions, see consequences and learn about business and entrepreneurship in a hands-on experiential way.


Four years later and £250k poorer ‘ SimVenture’ was launched. Since 2006 Peter has led the team responsible for this software package to the point where it is the most popular business simulation in UK education and is used extensively around the world. SimVenture has also won 3 UK national awards and his team are all passionate (as well as having access to robust research findings) that this way of learning and teaching is a powerful and sustainable means of increasing business start up and survival rates.


R&D work is ongoing and in 2013 the SimVenture team will release the very latest online business simulation product for budding entrepreneurs. More is also available at www.simventure.co.uk