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Anna-Lena Johansson

Head of Business Development Department, Business Region Göteborg

Since 2007, Anna-Lena works at the public company Business Region Göteborg (BRG) where she is responsible for promoting and stimulating entrepreneurship, business development and growth in SME. BRG is a hub for organizations in the start-up field in the region. BRG has also created and runs the growth program “Expedition Forward” in which nearly 700 companies participate. BRG also runs a “Business Emergancy” where small companies with financial problems can get advising, free of charge. Anna-Lena worked at the Swedish Employer’s Confederation in different positions during 17 years. One of her main tasks was to promote entrepreneurship in the Swedish education system. In the year of 2006 she started a consultancy firm. During 2012, Anna-Lena participates in the creation of a new growth strategy in western Sweden 2014-2020.