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Iqbal Khan

Senior Fellow Entrepreneurship, Lahore School of Economics

Mr. Iqbal M. Khan is founder President of SURE Institute, SURE Entrepreneurship Development Institute (SEDI) and Socioentrep an e-magazine of entrepreneurs. Whereas SURE Institute has been in existence for two decades, the other two have been setup in 2009 and 2010. The major project of SEDI is the Education Village – an Entrepreneurship Utopia. He has worked for the World Bank as a consultant and has been Special Advisor to the ADFIMI, and later became the Deputy Secretary General of ADFIMI, which is an external agency of the Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, for a period inclusive 6 years.

Mr. Iqbal Khan has developed the concept and model of Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Hub for developing countries. He established the Case Study Journal (Editor 2008) and the Social Entrepreneurship Development Unit at Lahore School of Economics.

As consultant he has worked for UNICEF, UNITAR, Islamic Development Bank, APO Japan, ITC (Geneva), and CBI (Netherlands). He was one of the three lead consultants who setup SMEDA for the Government of Pakistan (1999) and has been President of a small enterprise bank for 5 years (1971 – 1975). He has participated in international conferences on Trade, Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprises in Singapore, India, Malaysia, China, Korea, Turkey, Northern Cyprus, US and Estonia.

He has also been a visiting Professor in some of the leading business schools and universities in Pakistan.

He has authored one book on entrepreneurship and one on Kazakhstan and written many papers on Small Enterprises & Entrepreneurship. He has also written case studies on entrepreneurship. He is a highly experienced trainer in entrepreneurship, banking trade & management with international exposure since 1990.