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Tatiana Krylova

Head of the Enterprise Branch, Division on Investments and Enterprise, UNCTAD

Ms. Tatiana Krylova is a Head of the Enterprise Branch, Division on Investments and Enterprise at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ( UNCTAD).

Among her duties she supervises the Entrepreneurship development programme at UNCTAD aimed at assisting developing countries and economies in transition to develop entrepreneurial skills and to build a competitive SME sector. This includes work on research and policy analysis, facilitation of the intergovernmental discussions and providing technical assistance. In this context she coordinates the Empretec project which started in 1988 and at this stage is installed in 32 countries. The project provides training and BDS consulting for entrepreneurs and has products tailored to young entrepreneurs, women, microentrepreneurs, including those with limited literacy and illiterate people. It also conducts a regular competition for Women in Business Award.

Her other duties include coordination of activities of the UN Intergovernmental Working Group on International Accounting and Reporting Standards to assist developing countries and economies in transition to meet international requirements in the area of accounting and reporting. In this regard she lead a work on developing UNCTAD guidance on accounting for micro enterprises to facilitate their access to finance (ISAR).

Before joining the UN in 2000, she was a partner at KPMG in Moscow where she was in charge of the Methodology department that advised Russian government and companies on transition to IAS/IFRS. She was also a consultant to the World Bank, OECD, EBRD, and other international organization on accounting and finance issues.

She was previously a Professor at Moscow State University teaching accounting and finance. She was elected as an American Accounting Association Distinguished International Lecturer for 1997. She holds a Ph.D degree in accounting from Moscow State University and was a Visiting Fellow at Stanford University, California, in 1992-1993.