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Miloud Lahchimi

Professor, ENS Rabat

Dr. Miloud Lahchimi is the chief of the department of executive education at the ministry of education of the kingdom of Morocco. He is also professor at ENS Rabat.

Prior to those positions, as director of the government agency APEF, Dr. Lahchimi coordinated many educational projects, including supervising the production of textbooks and educational films.

He was a member of the scientific committee of the first interministerial National Colloquium on executive education in administration.

He is also the founding president of several associations including ‘Sanabil’, a cultural association that organizes meeting between writers and students. Besides Mr. Lahchimi founded Ould Khlifa Sud, a local association which works on promotion of basic schooling. In addition, he is the president of the Tadesma Association for development and Solidarity. Dr. Lahchimi has many others associative involvements.

Dr. Lahchimi holds a doctorate from the Université Libre of Brussels and also a master of Education engineering obtained in University of Rouen.