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Carlos Moncayo

Founder & CEO, ASIAM Business Group

Mr. Carlos Moncayo grew up in Ecuador, went to law school in the U.S., and studied Mandarin in China before starting ASIAM, an offshore manufacturing management company that specializes in the garment industry.

He has been recently recognized as Asia's Best Young Entrepreneur by Businesweek. Based in Shanghai, ASIAM provides a competitive edge to private clothing brands in Latin America, which compete with big corporations in their respective local markets. Since its inception in 2004, ASIAM has facilitated interaction between buyers and suppliers, reducing problems associated with distance and cultural barriers and allowing international transactions to become as easy and secure as local transactions.

ASIAM was awarded 2009 Bizz Awards in the Inspiring Company and Entrepreneurial Company categories. In 2008, ASIAM handled $29 million on orders from different importers, and during these last five years, the company averaged yearly growth of 112% and helped more than 70 clients import products from more than 300 Chinese factories. Nowadays, Mr. Moncayo splits his time between China and South America.

In 2008, Carlos was admitted to Shanghai's China Europe International Business School, where he graduated on December 2009.

He has recently been selected to integrate the first class of New York City Venture Fellows, a selective program for high potential and exceptional entrepreneurs.