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Sunetra Ajit Pawar

Founder Environmental Forum of India

Mrs.Sunetra Ajit Pawar, wife of Shri. Ajit Pawar, Dy. Chief Minister, Maharashtra State, India, a maverick and versatile personality in herself. Mrs. Pawar founder of ENVIRONMENTAL FORUM OF INDIA, NGO in 2010, a mentor in inculcating the concept of ECO-VILLAGE in India. As India being land of villages, it’s a revolution on its own Mrs. Pawar, chairs, BARAMATI HI-TECH TEXTILE PARK Ltd. she is trustee on indigenous and very renowned educational institute VIDYA PRATHISTHAN.

Mrs. Pawar single handedly amassed a ground force for bringing Environment awareness at the core and way it across the country and take it globally, through her NGO ENVIRONMENTAL FORUM OF INDIA (EVFINDIA). She aspires to spread message of conservation plants, extinct species in wild-life, water etc. Mrs. Pawar leaded Self-help group movement on NIRMAL GRAM(CLEAN VILLAGE) Campaign in 86 villages in M.S. A lone women crusader, Mrs. Sunetra A. Pawar, transformed a tiny hamlet called KATEWADI village into a MODEL VILLAGE in 2008 by government and 1st ECO-VILLAGE, leads to thrust on Sanitation and health, promote community lifestock management, solid waste management, sewage treatment by green bridge technology, energy conservation through biogas power generation and solar street lighting system. This won many accolades to her-which includes SANT GADGEBABA SWACHATHA ABHIYAN AWARD, CYBER GRAM, NIRMAL GRAM AWARD received from Hon. President of India, Smt. Pratibhatai Patil, she received acknowledgement from SACOSAN summit-part of SAARC. Thus she played a key role in making organic farming and use of bio-agents, vermin compost and green manure.

Mrs. Sunetra Pawar, chairs, BARAMATI HI-TECH TEXTILE PARK LTD, since 2006, a set-up of domestic garment manufactures park, under the central government’s Scheme for Integrated Textile Parks. It ensures subsides, women empowerment and training facilities to help units to upgrades skills-BPL families thus can reach wider societies. Textile Park renders 15000+ jobs to women mostly rural section.

Mrs. Pawar, Trustee of a renowned Educational Institute VIDYA PRASTHISTHAN (VP), Founded by Shri. Sharad Pawar, Union Agricultural Minister Govt. of India, she devotes her time to overseeing activities regularly and pioneering efforts towards spreading education and social upbringing of 25000+ students as she beliefs “Child of today is future of the nation”.

Whether it is taking care of political constituency on behalf of family- handling visitors and participation both national and international assignments regarding katewadi, NGO, agro-tourism centre, Vasundhara community radio. She forefronts all of it with vigour n vitality.

Mrs. Sunetra Pawar, spends her leisure time at Vrudhahsram Old age home, in outskirts of Baramati. She is trustee n the advisor for the same so looks after all the developments wellbeing of senior citizens at ashram.

Judicious mix of quiet strength and resolve, rare blend of humanity and nobility. Daughter of agriculturist, Daughter in law of Shri.Sharad Pawar, Union Agricultural Minister Govt. of India, wife of dynamic politician and mother of two beautiful sons Parth n Jay. Social and Business Entrepreneur in her own right. Respectfully called as “VAHINI” by people is a torch bearer for women and men alike, someone whom people love to emulate as an example of how one has to lead one’s life and perfect work life balance, private and public