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Pedro Rocha Vieira

President of Beta-i

With an MsC degree in Business and Administration and after working 3 years in the financial sector, Pedro travelled for 9 months in South America. Back in Portugal, he worked as project manager at Chapitô for a year, he then took part in the Social Entrepreneurship Program at INSEAD, to then co-found the Social Innovation Program, a social innovation hub that co-directed for over 3 years.

In 2009, and after a post-graduation in “Foresight, Strategy and Innovation”, Pedro became a freelance consultant and project manager in (social) entrepreneurship and innovation, being also involved with Quotidian and Stone Soup Consulting. Pedro was also the Head of Design Response, at experimentadesign, between 2010 and 2011.

In late 2009 he co-founded Beta-i, a non-profit organization based in Portugal, focused in entrepreneurship and innovation. He was a part-time president for almost two years and became full-time in the beginning of 2012. Beta-i is responsible for Beta-Talks, TEDxEdges, Silicon Valley comes to Lisbon, SandBox Global Summit, Startup Weekend Portugal, Beta-Start, SeedCamp Lisbon, Founders Institute Lisbon and BetaChallenge.

Pedro sees himself as a catalyst and a networker, he’s also a hopeless optimist and a dreamer with a deep passion for collaboration and innovation. He believes that we can only achieve our best by doing what we love with persistence and hard work.