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Pedro Tarak

Co-founder and strategic director Emprendia

Law Degree – University of Buenos Aires - LL.M Indiana University


With an environmental policy and law background, Pedro has co founded in 1985 Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been instrumental to the development and institutionalization of several mechanisms of public participation both in Argentina as well as in different Latin American countries (eg. public hearings and free access to information regimes). He also worked extensively in policy and legislation for nature conservation, hazardous waste, environmental impact assessment, water and air pollution, environmental licensing and public institutional frameworks for environmental protection. Together with the OAS, UNDP, the World Bank and other multilateral organizations, he has extensively worked in different Latin American countries. He participated actively in the preparatory processes of the UN Conference on Environment and Development in 1992 facilitating engagement by Latin American civil society organizations and media and bridge building with business and government. He has integrated the boards of Resolve (USA), Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano (Ecuador), Fundación Bariloche (Argentina).


In 1997, he joined Stephan Schmidheiny, Swiss industrialist and founder of the AVINA Foundation, launching the first AVINA Representation in Latin America (Buenos Aires). Since then, he fulfilled different pioneering roles in AVINA both locally (in Argentina and Patagonia) as well as internationally with large scale Latin American initiatives. He has developed AVINA´s international bridge building strategy, mainly in Europe including alliances with global organizations with current or potential interest in sustainable development in Latin America. He has also been in charge of AVINA´s continental initiatives on climate change and public policies.


Pedro is Co Founder of Emprendia, a sustainable business development and communications company, member of the International Council of Guayakí, a yerba mate ecosystem restoration and social inclusion firm, International Representative of Nuevos Aires, an Argentine business association for new economies and Counselor to the President of AVINA for especial projects (eg. Tällberg Foundation) .


Currently, Pedro promotes three visions of global relevance:


- Life Regenerating Business –Ecosystems and Cultures.


- Political Sustainability as the conditioning missing pillar of sustainable development.


- The value of togetherness hierarchically above the value for agreeing.