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Aysen Zamanpur

Founder & CEO, Silk and Cashmere

Pure silk and pure cashmere have inspired Aysen Zamanpur to form strategic partnerships and alliances with manufacturers throughout Inner Mongolia and other regions of China. With her trademark " Silk and Cashmere", Zamanpur established around 50 stores (corners shops) in select shopping centers in Turkey and abroad, where luxury silk and cashmere items are on sale under the brand's own name.

Mrs. Zamanpur has been frequently invited by media, universities and other academic institutions, domestic and foreign NGOs, and considerable number of societies and associations of brand-names, businesspersons, entrepreneurs, etc to tell about the success attained by 'Silk & Cashmere' and present our story as an 'entrepreneurship model'.

Whilst being publicized in the media and being the topic of various conferences, forums and symposiums held, the success of the brand name have attracted interest in the academic circles.

Consequently, the presence of 'Silk & Cashmere' in the educational arena has started upon its being included in the curriculum of the graduate program of the Business School of Istanbul University as a case study on a "successful entrepreneurship' and has continued on being the subject of dissertations presented 4 times up to now in the graduate schools of well-acknowledged universities.