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Leena Zittling

Immediate Past President, European ProClusters Association - EPROCA

Ms. Leena Zittling has a long-lasting business experience and background. Nearly 30 years, she has been working in both, larger pharmaceutical organizations and SMEs, mainly in higher management positions within the expertise areas of strategy, marketing planning and branding and their implementation.

Ms. Leena Zittling has initiated many cluster actions both on national and international levels together with public and academia organizations, offering short- term cluster workshops and seminars for higher level executives in cluster culture and competitiveness issues. She has been also an expert at the European Commission and the Nordic Council of Ministers groups focusing on how to improve the cluster policies and infrastructure and the internationalization activities of enterprises and regions. Leena's work as an Editor-in-Chief at EXCELLENCE cluster magazine offers her an effective and overall window to see the development of cluster initiatives not only in Europe, but also elsewhere in the world.

Ms. Zittling is a Charter member and was the Charter President of the European ProClusters' Association - EPROCA during 2007-2010 continuing now her work as an Immediate Past President to initiate future projects for EPROCA, to build up strategic alliances with relevant stakeholder groups on global level and assist Executive Committee (ExCom) and International Advisory Board (IAB) in their works.

Ms. Leena Zittling holds degrees in Health Care Management (B.Sc.), Management of Marketing Strategy (Dipl. MM) and is currently pursuing her MBA in England.