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Vision & Mission

The World Entrepreneurship Forum was created in 2008 with one main belief:

With the current main disruptive changes the world is facing, entrepreneurship, creating both wealth and social justice, is key for shaping the world of 2050.

Through recommendations and actions the Forum aims at creating a strong impact over entrepreneurs and stakeholders to drive the change towards a more entrepreneurial world. Over 1000 entrepreneurs originating from 80 countries have already joined their peers to rethink, act on and transform their environment with us.

The World Entrepreneurship Forum:

  • Embraces the global entrepreneurial ecosystem: Business Entrepreneurs / Social Entrepreneurs / Policy Makers / Experts / Academics...
  • Gathers a community of entrepreneurs from five continents: It is a powerful global network of leaders selected for their achievements and commitment to society. Every year, the Forum gathers over 250 participants, coming from 60 countries, willing to join their peers to think, act and transform their environment.
  • Fosters a new humanism: We promote the development of entrepreneurship creating wealth and social justice. This dual approach, economic and social, is one of the distinguishing features of the Forum.
  • Is altogether a think tank and a do tank: We share the latest trends and issues about global entrepreneurship. We develop ideas and recommendations. We facilitate entrepreneurial initiatives on a local or global scale.

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