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Beatrice Ayuru

Founder, Lira Integrated School

Ayuru Beatrice Byaruhanga was born in a polygamous family in Northern Uganda. She studied in the rural part of the country and emerged as the first girl of the sub region to go to the University since that institution was opened in 1955. She obtained a degree in Education.

She had an inspiration to improve on the education of people of Northern Uganda, above all the girls who were denied education due to bride price demand according to the tradition. With the gift of entrepreneur skills, she started growing cassava. Then she used the profits to buy and rent out wheelbarrows to local workers, reinvested her profits in a canteen. Later she used the profits as collateral to obtain a loan to establish the Lira Integrated Nursery, Primary and Secondary School. The school is funded, in part, by agricultural and aquaculture ventures that have been undertaken in an effort to teach entrepreneurship skills to students and members of the Lira community.

Currently, she has opened a savings and credit institution to support staff and community development so as to improve on their family livelihood. Lira Integrated University is underway to be opened in August 2011 on the same land where the Nursery, Primary, and Secondary schools now sit.