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Educating 500 Million Entrepreneurs

How can education systems help create over 100 million entrepreneurs per year? And why not 500 million?


Some professors at EMLYON are taking the lead on this issue by offering videos that can be viewed by people around the world. These short videos will tackle numerous practical issues that entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs face. 


For Thierry Picq, Professor and Head of the Learning Lab created in partnership with the Ecole Centrale Engineering School in Lyon, “ Providing entrepreneurs with value-added knowledge is at the core of our mission. Education is changing and knowledge should now spread across the classrooms’ walls to reach the entrepreneurs who can benefit from it, where ever they are”. 


According to Dan Evans, Professor and Chief Innovation Officer at EML (EMLYON’s Executive Education activity), “These videos are planned to be released in multiple languages offering a truly global perspective and fostering EMLYON’s credo ‘Educating Entrepreneurs for the World’”.


The faculty are “fast prototyping” different video formats to find the most effective and efficient (technically and pedagogically), from a simple “Kahn Academy like” style to a more elaborate video format, blending video with slides.

  • Pablo Martin De Holan : Cash Management

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  • Daniel Evans : Influence for Entrepreneurs

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