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  • World Entrepreneurship Forum
  • 8th Edition, Hangzhou, China
  •  19-22 October 2015


  • Region Rhone Alpes
  • EMLYON Incubator
  • CCI Lyon
  • Korloff
  • BoP Hub

Opening Ceremony

In its 5th edition, the main theme of the World Entrepreneurship Forum 2012 is entrepreneurial ecosystems. In the spirit of sharing, learning, networking and celebrating, the Welcome Session reminded everybody of the journey traveled over the last 5 years, but also of the long and challenging way ahead...

"In the next half century, the world will face great challenges and discontinuities - we need entrepreneurs to transform those challenges into opportunities." mentioned Professor Tugrul Atamer, Vice President of EMLYON Business School. The main challenge is how to create entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world - especially in developing countries, to help entrepreneurs create sustainable wealth and social justice. Entrepreneurs all share the same problems so they need to get together to create effective environments to foster entrepreneurship around the world. The classic path to entrepreneurship has to be revisited: creating networks for co-learning, mentoring and sharing experiences is fundamental. Working together and growing from past mistakes is the best way to build a more ethical world.

More than 200 entrepreneurship thinkers from 59 countries, along with 18 junior delegates from 8 countries, have been selected to "think out of the box" and help address those challenges. The main goal for the forum within the next 5 years is to increase brand awareness internationally, share the insights gathered during the event with more people, and eventually become the leading event in the field. As Mr. Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, pointed out: « the World Entrepreneurship Forum is meant to contribute to the international economic development by harvesting entrepreneurship experiences from everywhere ».