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  • 8th Edition, Hangzhou, China
  •  19-22 October 2015


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Statement of Mar del Plata

Output of the ninth EmprendeSUR Workshop in Argentina;

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network in Latin America (EmprendeSUR) gathers 350 researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs from various countries of the region.


Founded in 2004, it has been working hard to promote the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation as a key element for creating a solidarity and sustainable development for Latin American people.

In this context, the Network has consolidated the EmprendeSUR Workshop, which has been regularly carrying out in various countries, as a recognized space for the exchange of best practices in relation to entrepreneurship and innovation.

It is a result of the recent completion of the ninth Workshop EmprendeSUR, last September in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina, that the Statement of Mar del Plata is precisely made.

We understand that it provides a concrete framework for, on the one hand, institutions of higher education enhance its commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation, generating knowledge and commitment to the environment, and, moreover, public policies incorporate a holistic and systemic perspective on entrepreneurship and innovation, generating a system of promotion and support to consider the diversity of dimensions that characterize entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Statement of Mar del Plata is consistent and complementary with all of the major inspirational pillars of theWorld Entrepreneurship Forum.



Andrés M. Higuita Palacio


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Dr. Bezamat de Souza Neto


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Lic. Jorge Pablo Sela


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Dr. Pedro Vera Castillo


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