• World Entrepreneurship Forum
  • 8th Edition, Hangzhou, China
  •  19-22 October 2015


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India 2013

The first Rural World Entrepreneurship Forum took place in Baramati, India (July 4th - 6th)





Its aim: to highlight the significant potential of rural entrepreneurship and promote sustainable development of rural areas.


Today, 47% of the world’s population still live in rural areas but rural exodus has become an important international issue. In 2007, for the first time in the history of mankind, urban populations exceeded those of rural areas, posing serious challenges of which we are all aware.
One way to temper this trend is through the spread of rural entrepreneurship, which is key to sustaining livelihoods in rural areas.  By exploring and sharing knowledge on the best entrepreneurial practices and solutions, the Rural World Entrepreneurship Forum seeks to nurture rural innovations with a clear focus on empowering rural areas.
Organized jointly by the World Entrepreneurship Forum and the Environmental Forum of India (EFOI), the 1st Rural World Entrepreneurship Forum was inaugurated by India’s Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Sharadchandraji Pawar, in front of 3,500 people.

The initiator of the Forum, Mrs. Sunetra Pawar, Founder and President of EFOI, presented it as “a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas, vision and how they will impact the rural entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country”. 


The two day in-depth discussion highlighted innovative initiatives likely to create jobs, develop self-reliant rural communities and therefore reinforce the ties between local people and their villages.
Among the innovative companies presented:

  • Gadhia Solar Energy Systems has invented and commercialised several types of solar oven.
  • ARTI (Appropriate Rural Technology Institute) converts agricultural waste into charcoal, develops biomass fuels and energy-efficient household devices.
  • MittiCool has developed an entire range of earthenware products for daily use in the kitchen. 


More information can be found at  http://rwef.in