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Discover the charm of Lyon before your arrival










  A people-friendly European metropolis, Lyon frequently ranks among the best places to live in France and Europe.

With its old town listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city has preserved the best of its past while constantly looking to the future, as can be seen in its vibrant economy and attractive living environment. The key to this success lies in the ability to offer all the ingredients for personal and professional fulfillment, a rich cultural life and measures to ensure sustainable development.

A renowned culinary capital, Lyon is also the second largest job market in France. The 1500 decision centers based in the Lyon region make the urban area one of the largest economies in France. This dynamism has also attracted international organizations such as Interpol, Euronews, WHO (World Health Organization) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The development of top-ranked clusters (biotechnologies, clean technologies, digital entertainment, ...) has helped attract the best and the brightest to our city. A strong spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship keeps Lyon at the forefront in many fields.The city regularly welcomes leading fairs and conferences in the health, culinary, environmental technologies, and transport sectors. BioVision for example, the World Life Sciences Forum, is a key event in the international bioscience calendar that brings together in Lyon over 2000 opinion leaders - a dozen of them Nobel prize winners- to debate on the key challenges in life sciences.More info can be found via