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Support The Thinking Corporation Pilot Program


One of the key strategies that the World Entrepreneurship Forum has identified to help achieve our objectives for 2050 is the creation of innovative and high-growth companies.


Over the past 6 years  David Frood has been working on a corporate change program that helps transform existing organisations into innovative and high-growth companies. It does this through:

  • Full engagement of the workforce
  • Embedding Innovation as part of the organizations DNA
In addition, the changes made to the culture resulting from the course content help organisations to take a leading role in corporate responsibility, supporting the Forum's policies on social justice.

Another side-effect of the corporate change program is providing entrepreneurs and inventors external to the organisation with the ideal route to market for their ideas. This helps with the Forum’s strategy  of creating entrepreneurs at the bottom of the pyramid. In fact, the more accredited “ Thinking Corporations” that are out there, the better it will be for these budding entrepreneurs, their communities and the corporations that are sharing their ideas.

David is now at the stage where he needs several pilot installations in various locations to help commercialise this product for distribution.

Participating organizations will receive significant discounts and a payment plan that is linked to achieving milestones. If you are part of this pilot program you will not only save on what will be a significant investment for organizations that follow, but you will also receive:

  • Full Innovation survey of a representative sample of your workforce
  • Diagnostics report across 17 criteria that must be present for sustainable Innovation
  • Strategies to help migrate the culture
  • Systems and processes to capture, evaluate and implement ideas
  • Training for key staff members
  • Train the trainer for internal use
  • Accreditation as “A Thinking Corporation ™”