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  • World Entrepreneurship Forum
  • 8th Edition, Hangzhou, China
  •  19-22 October 2015


  • Region Rhone Alpes
  • EMLYON Incubator
  • CCI Lyon
  • Korloff
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  • BoP Hub

    BoP Hub


    Korloff is a well-known luxury brand: a collection marked by a touch of culture and the magic

    of the black diamond legacy... Korloff has introduced an inimitable style in its jewellery creations in

    the combinations of materials and colours it uses. This now also applies to the art of watch-making,

    where the company has applied the principles of the purest Swiss tradition. As a natural extension to

    its luxury lines, Korloff produces perfumes, spectacles and writing instruments carrying the back-to-

    back K signature which is the symbol of the brand. The haute-couture collection has given birth to

    the “Korloff lady”… a rare and unique woman who knows no physical or temporal borders, taking

    colours, codes and materials from the capitals of the world. Rarity is a luxury, and that luxury will

    accompany you in those special moments of your life, making you so different.


    Korloff’s "World Entrepreneurship Forum" trophies


    The World Entrepreneurship Forum annually gives the “Entrepreneur for the World” awards to laureates representing several categories of entrepreneurial success in various continents. They symbolise the very essence of an entrepreneurship that creates both wealth and social justice.

    Just a few years ago, Daniel Paillasseur, creator and founder of Korloff Paris jewellery business, was chosen by his peers as an inspirational figure for the development of SMEs. His attachment to entrepreneurship saw him agreeing to make the five trophies in his workshop located at 32 Avenue Foch in Lyon.

    Taking inspiration from the two intertwined rings that represent the World Entrepreneurship Forum’s logo, one symbolising wealth and the other social justice, Daniel Paillasseur set about designing the trophies.

    The hand-engraved bases are in black lacquered aluminium. The rings (except the upper two, plated in yellow gold) are in palladium-plated brass. They are entirely hand-made by Korloff’s master jewellers.

    The end product: five beautiful pieces to recognise five outstanding contributions.