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2009: White paper

"Encouraging social and commercial entrepreneurship : what can governments do ?".

Discover the proceedings of the second World Entrepreneurship Forum, Lyon, France, November 2009.


I Finance and tax


1-     Develop new early-stage sources of capital, and more alternatives to the traditional commercial banks, offering both loan finance and support

2-     Create innovative incentive-based social grants

3-     Help SMEs move to the next level through better infrastructure scaling

4-     Allow new start-ups to defer tax until a later stage of their development


II Laws and regulation


1-     Establish a legal framework that enables SMEs to cluster and take advantage of tax and other breaks available to bigger companies

2-     Simplify regulation, and reduce the administrative burden for SMEs

3-     Provide specific help to women entrepreneurs

4-     Improve corporate governance by encouraging SMEs to create ‘expert boards’, indemnified against financial loss by the government


III Support, empowerment, and education


1-     Encourage large companies to work more closely with SMEs

2-     Celebrate entrepreneurial role models for women and underrepresented groups

3-     Create more support networks for entrepreneurs

4-     Develop programmes to teach children, young people, and older people about enterprise

5-     Give more help to SMEs to participate in government procurement