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2011: White Paper

"Entrepreneurship, A Driver for Innovation and Technology"

Discover the proceedings of the fourth World Entrepreneurship Forum, Singapore, November 2011.



Einstein, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

High-Growth companies: technology is not enough


  • The Banyan Tree Case
  • Remaining innovative
  • Current financing mechanisms kill off the long-term builders
  • The rising risk-aversion does not foster high-growth
  • Accelerating the creation of « born-global » companies
  • Re-thinking long-term links between spin-offs and their university of origin
  • Start-ups: surviving the cooperation with large groups
  • The high-growth entrepreneur: a high-performance athlete Proposals


Entrepreneurship at the Bottom of the Pyramid: the power of technology


  • The Case of Healthpoint Services
  • Successful alliances between technology, innovation and BoP entrepreneurs
  • Microfinance, another case of successful use of technology
  • Singapore at the forefront of BoP


Beyond Entrepreneurial Hubs: Creative Cities


  • Guiding principles in Lyon, France
  • Public Incubation Hubs in New York vs. Smart Use of technology in Bangalore
  • The case of Gothenberg (Göteborg), Sweden


Education: the Entrepreneur Hides in the Garage


  • Entrepreneurial Education encompasses more than a startup focus
  • The issue of assessment
  • Experiential education
  • Community learning
  • Who shall teach entrepreneurship?
  • Entrepreneurship Education and Higher Education
  • Role of luck in entrepreneurship
  • The Reasonable Adventurer
  • A specific portal ?
  • High-tech vs. low-tech entrepreneurship
  • Connecting educators


Entrepreneurship Box


  • Forget developing and developed worlds : just connect
  • Entrepreneurial Education in Africa: a question
  • Can Africa benefit from high-growth entrepreneurship ?
  • Nurturing entrepreneurs : when MNC a University ally
  • Entrepreneurial leadership as a key to innovate - and motivate
  • Women entrepreneurs: a new community bank
  • When governments could help
  • 4-year old entrepreneurs
  • Crowdfunding for all: a global challenge
  • Charity: use with caution
  • Developing Innovation Policies beyond R&D: the Middle-East case
  • And the next innovation hotbeds are