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2008: Promoting entrepreneurial spirit

During the 2008 Forum, 9 recommendations, aimed at enabling and fostering the development of the various forms of entrepreneurship, have been proposed by thinktank members:

  • Reform Regulations

    1. Reform Regulations

    To promote a truly entrepreneurship-centered business climate, reform tax and regulatory environments so as to make it easier, faster, and less costly for entrepreneurs to set up enterprises, grow them if they are successful, or close them if not; minimize the time they spend on licenses, tax procedures, litigation and other similar activities.

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  • Create New “Entrepreneur-Friendly” Institutions

    2. Create New “Entrepreneur-Friendly” Institutions

    Introduce new-style entrepreneurship-friendly support institutions that provide technological knowledge, market information, business know-how, certification services, access to capital, and other essential business support.

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  • Promote Proper Governance

    3. Promote Proper Governance

    Set forth a governance framework which unambiguously encourages risk-taking, while also ensuring that ethics lapses, corruption, and neglect of environmental sustainability carry a high cost to reputation.

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  • Foster Positive Entrepreneurial Attitudes

    4. Foster Positive Entrepreneurial Attitudes

    Foster a cultural context where entrepreneurship has a positive image and where entrepreneurial success is publicly celebrated.

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  • Create an Early Education Entrepreneurial Curricula

    5. Create an Early Education Entrepreneurial Curricula

    Include within schools a curricula that promotes the development of the skills and attitudes that are the hallmark of entrepreneurship, such as: Creating a vision, perseverance, creativity, spotting needs, empathy, leadership, dealing with ambiguity, risk-taking, and follow-through.

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  • Develop Young Adult Entrepreneurial Curricula

    6. Develop Young Adult Entrepreneurial Curricula

    Include within an education curricula practical elements of entrepreneurship and business development so as to increase the entrepreneurial IQ within the community.

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  • Promote Lifelong Entrepreneurial Education

    7. Promote Lifelong Entrepreneurial Education

    Provide entrepreneurs lifelong learning and development platforms for sharing of experience and best practices, coaching and mentoring, mutual support, and international networking, with the strong support of key stakeholders from business and civil society.

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  • Empower Entrepreneurial Women, Minorities and the Disadvantaged

    8. Empower Entrepreneurial Women, Minorities and the Disadvantaged

    Support programs must also specifically target women, minorities, and the disadvantaged. Further, governments should implement laws and policies that ensure that entrepreneurs are sensitive to gender empowerment as well as diversity promotion.

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  • Understand Entrepreneurship

    9. Understand Entrepreneurship

    Make it known that entrepreneurs are positive agents of social change, wealth creation, transparency, sustainability, and innovation.

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